Trust plans for the future under way


locality logoA majority of shareholders at the recent EGM voted to oppose the supporters’ trust proposal to allow WCFC to become community/fan owned club. This doesn’t mean that the trust, as a Community Benefit Society, can’t continue with the work we have already started to prepare for the mid to long term survival of the club whilst at the same time establishing ourselves as an integral part of our community.  We intend to do this by becoming what is known as a Community Anchor Organisation. By demonstrating our value to the community as a whole, not just the football club, we believe we can forge partnerships with local businesses, community groups, schools, city council etc. working closely with private, public and third sector organisations locally

“Community anchor organisations are independent community-led organisations operating in a local area, committed to positive economic, social or environmental change.  They tend to be flexible and responsive organisations, providing multi-purpose and holistic solutions to local problems and challenges.  They act as “anchors” because they are there for the long term, providing stability as the external environment changes, and finding new ways of working as circumstances change around them.  Although independent organisations, they work interdependently with other agencies and organisations operating in the local area in the public, private and voluntary and community sectors”.

Right now as members of Locality we are working to get our Community Share Offer ready to raise capital funding for Perdiswell, should the planning application be approved. It is vital we do this now as time is against us. If we can prove our community credentials then we will be able to attract other forms of funding and begin to approach other partners to join us in making Perdiswell happen and become that community anchor that will be of benefit to all as well as bringing the football club back where it belongs:

In the City!