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The Perdiswell Community Sporting Hub plan has now been re-presented to the planning department, with revisions in line with the requests from the planning officers.

Various surveys have been re-assessed, and with the work of our consultants, the necessary statements have all been revised and presented.

These pages have been written in order to help supporters understand the process in place, and to be able to give their views and support to the planning application.

The new plans can all be viewed at the PLANNING PORTAL HERE 

The Planning Application number is P14M0176

Please visit the following pages for more information on the Perdiswell Project

 – Perdiswell 3D model pictures

 – How to Support the Planning Application 




Perdiswell Plan

The following gallery provides a visible repesentation of the Perdiswell Scheme. These pictures will continue to be added to during the planning application process  

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Registering Support

Now is the time for all supporters of the Perdiswell Project to let the City Council know how much you support this community scheme A 21-day statutory consultation period started on March 1st giving interested parties the chance to have their say on the detailed plans. Detailed consideration will be given to all consultation comments …

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