Community Shares


What are Community Shares ?

Community Shares are a unique type of share, and are not the same as shares you may currently own as an investment or even the Worcester City Football Club shares.

Worcester City Football Club Supporters Ltd, which we know as Worcester City Football Club Supporters Trust was originally registered as an Industrial & Provident Society, but the legislation in 2010 changed the name to a Community Benefit Society.

The purpose of the shares that are issued by a Community Benefit Society (Worcester City Football Club Supporters Trust) which is registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is to raise capital, which can only be used by the Community for the benefit of the whole Community.

The main reason for buying Community Shares is to support the social aims of the venture concerned. Unlike shares in private companies, where personal financial gain is the main motive, Community Shares are subject to laws that limit financial gain and emphasise social benefit.

If the planning application for the Perdiswell stadium goes through the Trust will be looking to raise money to help meet any shortfall between what can be obtained in funding from Sport England, The Football Foundation and other organisations plus anything left from the St Georges Lane sale. Like FC United of Manchester we will be issuing Community Shares to help raise the funds.

We have been working closely with Supporters Direct since the very start, for those that don’t know, Supporters Direct help fans to set up democratic cooperatives (known as Supporters Trusts) to gain influence in the running and ownerships of their clubs.

To find out more visit Supporters Direct

Further information on Community Shares can also be found via the Supporters Direct website

Anyone who may have any questions regarding the Community Share Scheme please feel free to use the “Meet The Board” page and contact us.