wcfcstransparent-283x200Worcester City FC Supporters’ Trust –

We are a democratic, not-for-profit organisation of supporters, committed to strengthening the voice for supporters in the decision making process at a club, and strengthening the links between the club and the community it serves. We are held accountable for our actions by the membership.

WCFC Supporters Trust Aims and Objectives- what do we really hope to achieve? –

We are determined to do what we can to help safeguard the future of the club and to ensure that it not only survives but that it should do so in a stronger position. We believe the future of Worcester City FC is for it to become a fans owned club, also known as community ownership. Rather than being something owned by a few shareholders, a community club has an inclusive ownership structure with membership affordable and open to anyone who has an interest in the club or the community; members enjoy the same influence no matter what money they might bring to the table. With that brings a larger pool of people willing to support the club with their time, their money and their support on match days.

Sustainability is a key principle of a community club, so we will only spend what we earn and be transparent in our operation. That’s not a disadvantage it’s a real strength as it means we all collectively need to get behind the club and work together to develop new revenue streams rather than relying on individuals whose money, often loans will eventually cease.

A football club can and should be a key component of any local community and not just confined to football supporters, something everyone can be proud of. In one form or another most of us would say we are a community club already, but we feel it’s time to cement these values and use them to our advantage. It’s time to put the club back into the hands of those that are most interested in it’s long term success; the fans and people of Worcester.

Bringing the club home –

We are currently exiles, palying our home matches at Kidderminster, This is neither practical or sustainable from a financial view 1403553307_86931point. In order for the club to survive we must do all we can to get the club back into Worcester at our planned community
stadium at Perdiswell. Here are the reasons why:

• To help enable a long term sustainable future for the club by producing a facility that is attractive and accessible plus capable of developing a range of revenue streams and that the stadium is used for more than just home matches.
• To increase the social value the club/stadium delivers to the communities it affects.
• To increase the economic value the club/stadium produces either directly or indirectly to the local area.
• To incorporate as part of a wider enabling development that means other facilities that are a strategic priority can also be constructed. It can help secure the required capital funding and also revenue post completion by placing a semi professional football club at the hub of the facilities.
• An opportunity to develop a facility (stadium) that is of pride to the area plus maybe be iconic and an example of good practice both in terms of design and usage

We shouldn’t be under any illusion about the challenge we’re undertaking. It’s going to be about hard work and effort, rolling up our sleeves and becoming a part of the process and ultimately, safeguarding the future of the City. We need to drive membership, raise funds and maintain a high profile. We need to re-establish the links between the club and the community so the club can act as a symbol of that community for everyone to support. The Supporters’ Trust is about making that really happen and you will be an integral part of what we do . Join the Trust and let’s work together so that the City of Worcester is able to benefit from a well-run club that we can all be proud of, back in its true home


Supporters’ Trust AGM 2017

Worcester City FC Supporters Society Limited will hold their 2017 Annual General Meeting 7 PM on April 27th 2017, KGV rooms on Ash Avenue. Invites will be sent via email to trust members with an email address and via normal mail to others. If you want to join the Trust board you can use the …

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Have Your Say- Bring City Home!!

The final plans for the application to build a Community Stadium are with the City Council and are available to view HERE. We think it looks great and will be an asset to the City of Worcester. Highlights from the application show: ·       The application is for a floodlit football stadium with a capacity …

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